Nick Maccarone is an entrepreneur, speaker, actor, filmmaker and author.  Trained at Columbia University’s School of the Arts, Nick received his MFA in Theater and has appeared in many stage productions, feature films, and television shows like Scandal, Law & Order: SVU, Elementary, Eye Candy and Unforgettable. As a filmmaker, his short films have been accepted to festivals all over the world. 

After several years into his journey, Nick began to feel lost and auditioning stopped being fun.  The constant need to promote himself as a storyteller left him mentally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt.  In time, Nick discovered there was more to life than just acting, so he started to pursue other interests. It was in these pursuits that Nick became an author, speaker, film maker and community outreach volunteer.  By being more available to where life might take him, his work as an actor not only improved, but has become fulfilling. 

In 2017, Nick spoke at TEDX on The 6 Principles; a series of lessons drawn from his recently published book, To The Prospective Artist: Lessons From An Unknown Actor.  Through these two pieces of work, Nick has been invited to universities, conferences and production companies to share his mission of empowering not only actors and artists, but entrepreneurs, business professionals and other creatives to "life a life and not just a career."