Nick Maccarone

Live A LIfe And Not Just A Career
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my mission

For as long as I can remember, I had a dream of becoming an actor. I earned my MFA from Columbia University in Theater Arts, and eventually appeared in many stage productions, feature films, and television shows like ScandalLaw & Order: SVUElementaryEye Candy and Unforgettable.  

12 years into my journey, I hit a spiritual rock bottom. After an obsessive pursuit of becoming a working actor, I realized happiness couldn't be postponed for some professional achievement; I needed to start living a life and not just a career. 

It was during this time I discovered something truly powerful: Whether you're an actor, artist, creative, entrepreneur, or business professional, we all have more agency creating our own opportunities than we are led to believe. my mission is to empower you to define success on your own terms and take bold action towards making your highest aspirations realized, while tending to the “big picture” arenas of life: family, relationships, self-care, service, and new experiences that push us closer to our highest selves. 


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It’s not your job to be a molder of consensus or a seeker of validation but rather your responsibility to share your unique gifts with those who need them most.
— Nick Maccarone